Wellness Program

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Our Wellness Program is unlike any other treatment for Anxiety and / or Depression.  We don't just teach you to manage and control your symptoms.  We help you transform your mental health, so you can live in more freedom and joy!!

Our Wellness Program requires a 6 month commitment from you to show up, participate and implement what we share with you.  It consists of monthly transformational in-person weekend intensives, weekly online support group, individual therapy as needed, online coaching and homework components.

So, if you have already attended some of our educational classes and participated in a support group and are ready to dive in to experience transformation, come talk to us and consider attending our next upcoming breakthrough anxiety retreat.  This retreat will give you a taste of what it will be like to enroll in our 6 month Wellness Program.

We currently have 20 scholarships for the next upcoming Breakthrough Anxiety Retreat  on Nov 2nd and 3rd, which allows attendees to pay only a fraction of the tuition cost.