Watch us on ABC4 – Aug 8th

We are so excited to announce that our founders, Meera Jain and Diane Cunningham have been invited to be featured on ABC4 - Good Things Utah on August 8th, 2019 from 9 - 10 am to showcase Healthy Minds. Both of these wonderful women are passionate about transforming the state of mental health in our community and both have worked extremely hard and very diligently to put together the required and necessary systems to birth Healthy Minds.

As we await the big day when Meera and Diane will be featured on ABC4, we thought you might like to know about our first upcoming educational class – The Neuropsychology of Anxiety on August 25th. This class will be presented by Meera and will provide a unique perspective on anxiety; by identifying some of the root causes of stress and anxiety and their biological consequences, whilst discussing a new cutting-edge breakthrough approach that has the ability to transform anxiety. Yes, you read that right – We believe that Anxiety and Depression can be transformed, which is a huge step beyond what most people believe – that anxiety and depression can only be better managed and controlled.

So, make sure to sign up for the class to learn more from someone who used to work as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in mental health in Oxford, UK and has spent 20 years looking for ways to resolve mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

The class has a small registration fee of $39, which will allow us to bring more resources to our community, such as inviting well-known experts in the field of integrative mental health such as Gabor Mate and Zindel Segal to present at future educational classes. Our educational classes will also enable us to bridge the gap and begin a dialogue between many groups – from academics and mental health professionals to social welfare organizations, friends, family and the wider lay community. This dialogue is important as it will help to share information, exchange ideas, build and strengthen relationships, suggest solutions and implement strategies towards improving the status of treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression in our community.

In case, you would really like to attend the class, but are unable to afford the small fee of $39, please reach out to us as we do have some free tickets we have put aside for those who cannot afford to attend the event.

For more information and registration about the ‘Neuropsychology of Anxiety’ Class, check out this link

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