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Sponsor informational and experiential seminars and workshops to educate the general public on the benefits of integrative and holistic mental health services, products and programs for the purposes of both treatment and preventative care.


There are many misconceptions about mental health.  We share information via brochures, social media, merchandise and speaking to promote awareness on the prevention and treatment of mental health conditions.


Create a referral listing of credible and evidence-based local and national resources that address a variety of mental health issues.


Sponsor events to bridge the gap between academia, mental health professionals, medical staff, social welfare organizations, family and friends and the wider lay community to share information, exchange ideas, build and strengthen relationships, suggest solutions and implement strategies towards improving the status of treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression.


Sponsor in-person support groups for the general public where individuals can find comfort, direction, hope, inspiration and tools to learn coping strategies, manage symptoms and start the healing journey.


Offer grants to partner organizations and treatment centers in our referral listing through scholarships funds.