About Healthy Minds

Our Mission

To promote the education, treatment and prevention of anxiety and depression through evidence - based integrative services, products and programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the mental health of one million individuals in our community.a

We believe that the right integrative approaches can transform an individual's mental health from a state of suffering to a state of balance, health and wellness.


Our Founder

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Meera Jain (BS, DPS)

Meera is the founder of Healthy Minds and a pioneer in the emerging field of Energy Psychology. Her signature programs ‘Fearlessly Authentic’ and ‘Breakthrough Anxiety' have a proven record to bring about life-changing transformations in people.

Her areas of expertise include Archetypal, Depth and Transpersonal Psychologies, Inner Child Work, Meditation, Subtle Energy Work and more. She has presented at many different venues, including universities and healing centers for over 15 years and is well known for being able to transform many struggles in a SINGLE session.


Meera worked as an Assistant Clinical Psychologist in the areas of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, after finishing her postgraduate studies in Oxford (UK), but felt very discontented with the nature of conventional medicine. Her own spiritual upbringing prompted her for many years to search for tools that go beyond conventional medicine and make a bigger difference.


Through her 20 year journey, Meera began experimenting with integrating two fields she has mastered - Psychotherapy and Subtle Energy Work and this resulted in the creation of 'Energy - Based Psychotherapy'. Her programs 'Fearlessly Authentic' and 'Breakthrough Anxiety' are the culmination of Energy-Based Psychotherapy, when it is utilized in a systematic format to resolve a particular problem.

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